About Sterizone

In a world where hygiene is of paramount importance, Waqua by Sterizone offers you the opportunity to increase the level of safety that you can provide both to your employees or customers. All you have to do is step into your device and let Waqua do the rest.


The Waqua device will emit a 3-4 second automatic fine mist spray from 6 nozzles, made up of the extremely safe and effective anti-bacterial solution known as Hypochlorous Acid. Simply let the device do what it does best and then continue on with your day knowing that up to 99.995% of any unwanted bacteria have been killed. Hypochlorous Acid in this form is safe for skin, clothes and surfaces, as well as the air and lungs.


As our society looks to emerge from the global pandemic of Covid-19, you are now able to offer your employees/customers the peace of mind they need when returning to work, going out to eat or using your facility.


The Waqua devices can be set up and controlled by Android tablets on customised software that will be provided to you. We can also offer you additional items to support your device such as a Thermal Camera to read people’s temperatures prior to their entry. We offer a full 1 year warranty with every device which begins on the date of delivery to your premises.

The difference between us and our competitors?


Our high quality products differ from other products on the market known as ‘tunnels’ and ‘cabins’. Similar products on the market are closed booths and depending on the mist solution used there is a possibility of injuring people through inhalation. Our devices are designed to allow plenty of fresh, clean air to flow through, never enclosing anyone in a confined space. This is Waqua’s most important feature.