Welcome to The Zone!

The good news is you’ve found us...thank you platforms!

You have seen who we are and what we do so I won’t give the full sales monologue, but as a buyer or user here’s what you really want to know:

  • We’re attractive - if you’re worried we’ll make you look like airport security, think again. Sexy lights, sleek design, almost futuristic, which means fun for all, especially the kids!

  • You’ll be stopped in your tracks for a maximum of 4 seconds - you were likely already queuing to get into somewhere anyway and I for one know that another 4 seconds in exchange for the peace of mind knowing you have an extra layer of protection is a big YES PLEASE

  • If there happens to be that one person who doesn’t maintain social distance and they brush past you, you’ll at least know they’ve been through our walk-through device too and aren’t transmitting anything unwanted (we have all become a lot more aware of our personal space and don’t want anyone in that!)

  • Does it smell? Some of you may be familiar with our key ingredient - Hypochlorous Acid - as it is widely used, however the exposure you have to it will not leave a scent. Great (unless you’re not fond of your latest eau de parfum)…

  • We’re different. No cabins, tunnels or confined spaces.

Emerging from Covid is going to bring all sorts of excitement and for some, a little concern. Now that we are all for 24/7 hygiene and cleanliness let us help you. Adding our product to your establishment means that as people get that first taste of freedom they will be more than happy to visit you, knowing you are doing everything you can to invest in their health and safety.

The time is NOW. Be ready to open your doors with confidence.

Answer me this - why wouldn’t you want to lead by example and have everyone talking about the lengths you have gone to for your customers? Great for you, great for them.

I’ll be checking back in soon with news and updates, which won’t be as salesy but everyone has to start somewhere right?! If there’s something you want to know more about leave a comment, send an email or give us a call! We’d also love to welcome you to our demo site - call us to book your slot.

Catch you on the clean side!