Zoners!! The countdown is ON!

We can smell our freedom, and also the daffodils, which is nice for a change.

So, what’s the situation right now?

Just 19 days until the 29th of March and the return of outdoor gatherings for 6 people or 2 households, outdoor sports facilities will open and organised outdoor sports can recommence.

We can “stay local”, rather than stay at home too! (but you should still work from home).

I feel sorry for my dog - I’ve totally forgotten what a socially acceptable telephone voice level is!

If you haven’t yet visited our website, requested our brochure or spoken to us about how we can help you, stop what you’re doing and move us to the top of your to-do list.

Now is the key time to start thinking about what will happen when people aren’t staying local and are going back to work.

Be prepared!

33 days until the 12th of April and outdoor dining, non-essential shopping, haircuts and gyms...nights out at the supermarket are so February.

Public buildings and outdoor attractions will re-open and camping/glamping adventures are allowed. It may not be your first choice but try something new and enjoy the outdoors!

The excitement is real and you should, by now, also be in the process of signing contracts and confirming your order for our Walk-Through Sanitiser devices.

Not done it yet? Don’t worry, it’s not too late.

We aren’t going anywhere and can’t wait to help make your business safer for everyone. Be prepared!

68 days until the 17th of May. It feels far away but will be here in no time!

Easing of social contact restrictions - welcoming reminders on how to socialise - indoor hospitality is back (“table for 6 please!”), and cinemas, children’s play areas and accommodation will open! Some might even get to watch their football team play!

Oh and dust off your sun cream...we may even see the return of travel! 🤞

If you want customers, fans and travellers to walk into your restaurant, stadium or airport worry free then why haven’t you called us yet?! How often do people have something in their hands so they can’t sanitise?!

Our walk-through sanitiser devices solve this problem for you and them! A quick 3 second pause in their tracks is all it takes before they continue about their day and you know they are protected in your environment.

Be prepared!

And finally, 103 days until the 21st of June and….HUGS!

Hug your friends, hug your family, hug your colleagues (if you want to)!

Hug in a restaurant, hug in a nightclub, hug in a stadium, hug your wedding planner because can get married YOUR WAY!

Be Prepared!

Of course data and not dates is the message but at least there’s some hope in sight.

We can all get there if we are sensible together.

What’s also important to remember is that Covid will remain a part of our lives for the foreseeable, regardless of the dates. We will have to continue to live in ways that ensure we are protecting ourselves and others.

Sterizone can help companies to do that regardless of what date we are at and how much freedom we are given. Walk-through sanitisation devices will become another norm, just like using your bag for life.

If you haven’t been singing Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’ throughout I’m impressed. Although, I bet you are now 😉